Opportunity Is A Two-Way Street

Better Employees For You.
A Better Life For Your Employees.
Experience And Quality

We created Operation Able Inclusion because we saw the need to team up willing, motivated people with disabilities with companies who understand the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

Lower Costs
Higher ROI

Our agents are committed to showing it’s not about disability, but rather, ability. Our staff turnover is less than one-half the turnover rate of a typical brick and mortar sales and customer service center.

Opportunity Knocks
On All Kinds Of Doors

By teaming with Operation Able Inclusion, your company may be eligible to compete for contracts using  NAICS Code 561320 – Temporary Help Services and Services and NAICS Code 56142 – Telephone Call Center Services.

Highly Skilled Agents

Our agents are highly-educated and have the know-how and life experience to quickly and seamlessly integrate into your existing operations.
Our agents are native or multi-lingual English, Spanish and French  speakers.

Flexible Virtual Teams

We provide career opportunities to Americans with disabilities. Our agents are motivated and capable, but, in most cases, are unable to commute to a brick and mortar work environment. Our mission is to pair these very qualified people with our virtual infrastructure to build incredibly strong contact center teams. Our agents are W2 employees, not temps or contractors.

Secure Technology

We use HIPPA and PCI-compliant secure, cloud-based, multi-channel contact center technologies which provide 100% call recording, work force management software (WFM), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies, Call-Telephony-Integration (CTI) for integration with existing client desktop systems and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Enabling Call Center Excellence

Our motivated, experienced customer communicators work from home using secure contact center technologies.

We deploy staff on a full or part-time basis to handle regular or seasonal workloads that meets your needs.