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Kelsey's Story

Throughout my life, I’ve been told, “You won’t” so many times: You won’t see, hear, or talk. You won’t be able to live a fulfilling life, and any contributions to society I might have were a farfetched dream for me. There was no hope for my future, because what hope could be found while I was sitting in a wheelchair?

I’ve lived with a disability for 32 years, and people have told me over and over, through their words and actions, that I’m not worth their time simply because I live my life sitting down. But despite all of this, I’ve managed to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree, get married, and have two amazing children. However, I wanted more from life. I didn’t feel called to thrive in only those roles, but to also flourish as a person in the workforce. I longed to serve others, gain some independence, and be recognized not for my disability, but for my gifts and talents.

When I began to prepare to enter the workforce, I suspected that it wouldn’t be easy. Like anything else, though, I was always up for the challenge. However, I wasn’t expecting that so many people would to continue make assumptions. So many potential employers told me “No” because, instead of seeing what I brought to the table, they only saw what I came to the table in. I found myself becoming depressed and unwanted: I had worked so hard in life to accomplish so many things, and I always felt like the door was being slammed in my face.

But then Operation Able Inclusion reached out to me: They not only recognized my talents and abilities, but allowed those abilities to shine through in my unique work environment and setting. Operation Able Inclusion understands that disabilities come in various forms, and that people with disabilities have a burning desire for employment and contribution, which often leads to a path of greater independence and confidence. By working with Operation Able Inclusion, employers will have the opportunity to hire people who see more than a job, they will see an opportunity for freedom.

I’ll probably still hear “You won’t” many more times in my life, but I don’t rest in that lie anymore. Thanks to Operation Inclusion, and other employers with a similar vision, I can live in the sure and certain truth that I am wanted and respected for who I am. That I am enough.

About Kelsey

Kelsey lives in Michigan with her family and was selected as Ms. Wheelchair Michigan for 2014. She works as a customer service quality analyst supporting a nation-wide pest control company.